Why did I leave the army?

I give a quick overview of why I am no longer a member of the army but am now starting a homestead.

4 thoughts on “Why did I leave the army?

  1. Really interesting to read that you got ulcerative colitis shortly into your service. My brother actually was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis during his first or second year in the Air Force, but in his surgery they actually rebuilt his colon right away so he never have to wear a colostomy bag, and ended up serving another 20+ years before actually having to retire early because of another medical issue (he had tumor in his area to have removed so he lost his left ear and could no longer be a flight engineer). Must just be because there is a different level of activity and what you were doing then what he did (my brother flew the KC-10s and C5)? After my brother got out he went right back to what he was doing 25 years earlier – being a ski bum! Haha well now he’s an instructor but I still tease him anyhow. Looking forward to seeing your homesteading adventures, thanks for sharing your UC story!

    1. Hi and thanks for commenting. I feel like everybody’s condition is so different when they have it, how they deal with it and how they recover from whatever treatment is used to treat it. That is awesome that he is doing so well now. Did he also have a J Pouch?

      1. I have no idea – this was like 25 years ago. I remember my mom saying they had some amazing doctor from the Mayo Clinic who was trying something new with him rather than the traditional colostomy bag which had to be hell for you to deal with! Only other thing I really remember is that he like you waited a long time to finally get treated – I think his Sergeant actually was the one who made him go to the doctor 🙂 my younger cousin on the other side of the family also has UC but has never had to have surgery. Go figure!

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