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We are a Canadian Homestead started from scratch. We are giving a realistic look into what it is like for a modern family to start a homestead from nothing.

Jeremy is a former member of the Canadian military who was medically released and had to start a new life for him and his family. Jeremy and holds a degree in Biblical Studies & a Diploma in Business Management.

Ashley has independently made money regardless of where the military sent them – from scratch! (She also went to college in Australia where she earned a Diploma in Business & Marketing.)

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Comments (8)

  1. Alex Misiewicz


    I just watched your video about that swamp guy, Im sorry you have to go thru this. By the way I love all your videos, keep up the GOOD WORK

  2. Rusty


    Hey guys like your video’s. What happened to selling the farm and moving closer to town. We are both 72 now and live about 25 miles to the Hospital. Not my Idea, but will have to live with it. Good Luck to you, and Love Both You’re Girls. Your House is looking better every Episode.

    • mapleberryfarm


      Hey, we have our camper on a campground much closer to town so we are closer for 4.5 months out of the year and find that to work. And thanks and we wish you and yours all the best!

      • Dave kurney

        I was interested in knowing where in Canada you are located And

  3. CC Rider


    Hello Ashley and Jeremy, you remember me by CC Rider who used to religiously leave comments on your channel all the time. Reason you hadn’t heard from me is my channel got deleted by YT. I think it was because I left a comment on A Major News channel’s video. I told them they was wrong for prematurely calling A state in the U.S. for the current President in the election when that states GOP claimed they still still had 1 million votes in A particular county yet to count. The reason I think it was that comment that got me booted from YT is Right after I posted that comment… YT shut my channel down & they claimed I was commenting false misleading information…..Aaaah 🤔 No wrong! Because that was public information and that was a BS reason to delete and ban me from YT !!! They just didn’t like that I was a Strong Trump Supporter and A very renounced Christian!!!!! Anyway that’s why I am not able to leave a comment on your channel anymore & I loved corresponding with you guys on your videos.
    I tried to dispute it with YT but take my word for it censorship is totally real and I’m living proof they will shut anyone down who try’s to practice free speech in The States and Abroad. Which is totally Unconstitutional by the way…….But….I still watch every single video of you guys and I do it another way. But my Channel CC Rider at least the first and original CC Rider on YT (Me) is shut down. They deleted all my subscriptions (like you guys) and many others. They deleted all comments all the way back many years probably as far back as the first couple of years of YT!!!! 😢 I had used YT as a way since I’m disabled to share the love of Jesus Christ and his salvation. I had spread the good news of salvation and I had left many thousands of comments over the years of testimony and witnessing for the Lord. Now just because they became what I call dictators, now all my work for The Lord is Gone!!!!! That’s what hurts me the most, because I know my comments was leading people to the lord and righteousness. But these evil people just decided because they didn’t like my political and spiritual view points so they’d just permanently delete my channel to shut me up, But I’m not alone they have done thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people this way! But God will judge them for that and it’s gonna be very hot where these people are going with no ice water or water period!!!!! So that’s why I’m not subbed to you guys now and it’s why you haven’t seen any comments from me since November 2020. 😔 Anyway the video you guys just put out about B.O.T.S & integrity is A awesome video. I agree with your view point 100%. I believe according to God’s word that you’re in the right & he’s totally in the wrong in what he has done on his channel. It’s what the Bible describes as scoffers and hypocrites, he had no right treating you guys that way by using his channel as a platform to gossip and make up lies and toot his own horn. I also was a subscriber to his channel as well as yours before they deleted all my content. But the way I’m able to look you guys up now on YT and view your content don’t allow me to leave a comment! Guys they got me totally blocked & the only way I’m gonna be able to correspond on your channel again is get a new iPhone or laptop and register under a different name & brand new channel name. Because I’ve tried to make a new channel on YT with my iPhone and it’s totally blocked!!! Talk about freedom in the states 🤷‍♂️…. Yeah Right!!! It’s a total infringement on our constitutional rights guys. When they go and illegally & unconstitutionally block a President from all social media platforms & deprive him from his rights to free speech…..which is supposed to be guaranteed for all citizens Under the FIRST AMENDMENT. And they can unconstitutionally block someone of that important that the people majority elected, then who am I 🤷‍♂️??? But God tells me in his word he says: Vengeance is Mine sayeth the Lord…..Meaning he will deal with the ones who does his people wrongly. And my Brother and Sister I wouldn’t want to be in those peoples shoes for no amount of money when God passes judgment on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But Ashely/Jeremy rest assured I’m still supporting your channel by watching all your videos. Even though I’m silenced by them at the moment……I still watch your channel and I support you that way and other ways, also rest assured I won’t be watching B.O.T.S anymore! And you’re right Jeremy it’s total jealousy he has because your channel has grown and his has not. Look guys there’s nothing wrong with the way y’all run your channel, your videos, or your farm, The Lord is Blessing you! Please do not & I repeat DO NOT CHANGE A THING ABOUT HOW YOU GUYS ARE DOING YOUR CHANNEL, VIDEOS, FARM AND YOUR JOKES BEFORE EACH VIDEO! Keep your love for the lord your humor and keep moving forward! You guys are young you have 70+ acres of land and you’re just getting started. It takes time to clear land and get livestock build fences, build barns for goats/cattle/ takes time to build chicken coops a farm/homestead. It takes time to build a business or anything else in life, Nothing worth a Dang in life comes easy, remember that guys. It takes time for a flower to grow, Rome wasn’t built in a day or a year but many many years. As for the B.O.T.S he didn’t build what he’s accomplished in a year either!!!! No, he’s worked himself up to what he’s got in many years of his life. So keep your nose to the grindstone keep working hard at your goals, keep your faith, keep your eye on the big picture. Remember me telling you in a comment when you guys had maybe 20K subs, i can’t remember exactly but I think I said: Please don’t sell the farm that you’re one of the lucky ones to have the opportunity to own that much land in a Paradise for having your own homestead/ Farm….and I think I said guys like myself who love to hunt only dream of owning or even being able to hunt the kinda big game you have where you’re at….I went on to say please stay on the land and work hard to make it your own & make it work, because if you sell it you may never be able to be in that awesome position again. ???? U remember that comment?
    Thank God you didn’t sell that gorgeous piece of Heaven on earth! I WAS SO HAPPY to see that you guys decided to change your mind and to dig your his & her’s heels 👢 🥾in and bust your tails to make it your very own working farm & YT Business! Look you’re still young and have lots of spunk left in you & I got all the confidence in you guys that as long as you keep the lord first, in 5-7 years that’s gonna be a big beautiful working farm and Mapleberry Farm will have 1 million subs. I told you in a comment about 7 months ago that God was gonna Bless you and within a year you would have 100K subs……Looks Like keeping God First in your life is paying off for MBF and you guys! Do me a favor: KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DOING AND DON’T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE LORD AND HIS WORD SAYS ALL ELSE YOUR HEART DESIRES WILL BE ADDED UNTO YOU!!!!!!!
    I love you guys & I’m pulling for you,
    your brother in Christ
    CC Rider

    PS: let me know if you get this, hope they don’t block me from sending you these words of encouragement. Press On Guys, Press On with God’s mighty might and pay not Attention to Naysayers Because if God is for you then Who can be against you ? None, because no one is mightier than him. ✝️
    CC Rider

    I Love you Guys CC Rider

    • mapleberryfarm


      Hey, that sucks that you got booted, brutal. And we are so happy we stayed here as well. We have a hard time keeping up with all the comments these days as we have grown a lot in the last year, so we don’t get to them all anyhow unfortunately. We do however get them on here as there are only a few folks that drop comments on here, so that is a good way to correspond for you at least. Thanks for sticking it out with us and we wish you nothing but the best 🙂 God Bless 🙂

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