Take Control, Live Simple and Make it Happen. New Video on YouTube every Saturday @9am EST – Extra videos are uploaded through the week periodically.

We are a Canadian Off Grid Homestead started from scratch. We hope to inspire you to take control, live simple and make it happen in your own life too.

If you are tired of not living the life you came here to live, join us as we take on the challenge of treading our own path in this world.

Together we hope to show you that you can make your own way in this world if you are willing to do the work. We all spend enough time looking to other people for ideas and opinions of what we should do with our lives. We are going to show that we all can take control and live the life we want and not be dependent on others regardless of our circumstances.

Jeremy is a former member of the Canadian military.

Ashley has independently made money regardless of where the military sent them – from scratch! (She also went to college in Australia where she earned a diploma in business & marketing.)

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