10 tips for building a homestead from scratch

We faced a medical release from the Canadian Military in 2018 and decided that we needed to cut a new trail for our lives. We did so by starting a homestead from scratch. Here are 10 tips we have for you if you are looking to do the same.  Life doesn’t wait for anybody and…… Continue reading 10 tips for building a homestead from scratch

One Potential Pitfall of living Remote

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One must think of some pitfalls that may arise while living in a remote location. I am just going to share one that we have dealt with and continue to deal with on a day to day basis. Appointments- If someone is sick, gets physio, sees a chiropractor or anything the like, these could become…… Continue reading One Potential Pitfall of living Remote

2019 On the Horizon

So 2018 was our first year here on Mapleberry Homestead. We accomplished quite a bit this year. We built our cabin, got out of the trailer that felt like the walls were coming in on us and are ready to usher in the new year! Looking ahead, we plan on closing in the deck this…… Continue reading 2019 On the Horizon

The BowTie Black Bear

Sitting here watching something on the computer when I hear something outside on the porch. I look out and its the white faced black bear that has been getting into our garbage and he’s making his way over to our water jugs. First thing I was thinking is should I grab a gun or a…… Continue reading The BowTie Black Bear


About us.

So we have been living Off Grid since 21 March 2018 permanently. It hasn’t been all that long, but has been an adjustment nonetheless. First thing to mention would be building your home while living with a family in a travel trailer. Key point would be ‘family’. As doing this with two adults or solo,…… Continue reading DAILY LIFE OFF GRID (Challenges)

Young Couple Building an Off Grid Cabin ALONE in the WOODS

Jeremy & Ashley are living in the backwoods of Canada. Jeremy is a former member of the Canadian Forces who was released medically and had to find a new path for himself and his family. Follow their complete build of the Off Grid Cabin below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMc1MwisCvc&list=PL2cAUJzRvUcxB0GkE689e9Q7qlIejCZpE

A Homestead Day in Hell

Well, today was brutal! It rained all night and wouldn’t you know, I woke up to a leaking roof. Luckily it was leaking through the sunroof and into the tub so it could have been worse. It also let me know where to look on the roof for the entry wound (of the leak). I…… Continue reading A Homestead Day in Hell