We were living full time in our RV OFF the GRID in 2018. A hot shower can be a HUGE moral boost in any scenario, especially when you are living full time in your RV in the Canadian Winter! Check out this simple off grid shower solution we used, it really is awesome!

DIY Rustic Outdoor Sign

Every year we get traditional gifts for each other or together for our wedding anniversary. The 5th year was wood and we were soon going to be moving to our recently purchased property that we named Mapleberry Farm. This is us making that sign and we still have it now almost 4 years later.

Living In Our RV – Brand New Homestead

In 2017 we were facing a medical release from the army and had to find a new way to care for our family. We decided that being as self sufficient as possible by building our own homestead was the way to go. In this video we are taking our RV down to our newly purchased 70 acres to have it ready for when the release takes place the following year.